The Good Life

Nice feature in the Omaha World-Herald about our partnership with dpHue.

Pohlad said that of all the vinegars tested by her company, the Nebraska vinegar had the best color, flavor and apple fragrance. She said she appreciated that Johnson had a family business (his daughter Emily is the company “taster” and printer of its labels) like her own, and that his vinegar was handcrafted in an ages-old process, and not mass-produced in a couple of days.
“I really care a lot about what goes into our products,” Pohlad said. “I didn’t realize what an art it is to create vinegar until I found George.”
Emily Johnson
Food & Wine Feature

Our Emilia American Balsamic was featured as one of the best gifts under $40 by Food & Wine Magazine in 2011. Of course, nowadays it costs a little over $40 actually ;-)

Emily Johnson
ACV for healthy beautiful hair!

One of our most surprising (and fantastic) new customers is dp HUE - a Minneapolis-based company making innovative super-luxe products for your hair. They recently developed a new Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse, and after testing every ACV on the market, determined that ours was by far the best option for their product. They love how the aroma of apples comes through to the final product and it has the perfect pH for their blend. Founder Donna Pohlad and her team visited us recently to see where their favorite ingredient is made. We had a fun day shooting video and chatting about our process. After using their ACV rinse (and other products) for several months, we are seriously impressed and proud to contribute to such a great product. Plus, our hair has never looked better!

Emily Johnson
Nectar of the Sandhills

Check out the March/April edition of Nebraska Life for a great feature article about our family business. 

We really enjoyed meeting the writer, Summer Miller, and her family when they came to visit and see our vinegary. 

And the photographer, Alan Bartels, took some really wonderful photos.

Emily Johnson
Love from the Grey Plume

"[Your vinegars] have become instrumental for us to accomplish what we do on an everyday basis. When we talk about them as a team, everyone just smiles and we know we are spoiled. We often say that we have forgotten how to cook without them. So thank you for what you do."

- excerpt from an incredibly heartening note from Clayton Chapman, chef/owner of The Grey Plume (the “greenest restaurant in America”)

Emily Johnson
Sweet Story, Sour Business

Wonderful article about George and our vinegars in the Omaha World-Herald:

In a tiny village, in a part of the country where cows outnumber people by a wide margin, a business that caters to gourmet chefs across the country has set down roots. George Johnson and his family produce pungent, hand-crafted vinegars that make the taste buds tingle.

George Paul Vinegar is sold in every state and in some of the Midwest’s best restaurants. "Vinegar was a hobby that just got out of hand. We had no idea it would be accepted like it has.”


Emily Johnson