Beet & Chevre Salad

Beets - 10 smaller or 5 larger sized

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

2 tablespoons Raspberry Vinegar

4 tablespoons fresh soft Goat Cheese

salt to taste

chopped nuts (optional)

If you have time, roast the beets: Trim off the greens and bake at 400˚ for 1-2 hours, until very tender.

Otherwise, I usually boil the unpeeled beets for 25-35 minutes, until tender. Once cool enough to handle, slip off the skins.

Slice the beets and drizzle with the raspberry vinegar, olive oil and salt. Toss with small dollops of goat cheese. Garnish with chopped walnuts or pine nuts. Serve warm (though it is also good cold).

Save the beet greens, if young and fresh, for a salad another day. OR add them to the beet salad: Chop, if necessary, and flash boil them in the leftover beet water for one minute and toss in with the beets.

Emily Johnson