Soak cucumbers in ice water for 3 hours or refrigerate overnight

Wash & sterilize jars in boiling water

Wash cucumbers

Bring lids & rings to slow simmer

Make brine & bring to rapid boil while stuffing jars

Stuff quart jars with 2 – cloves garlic, 2 - dried Fiesta Chili de Arbol peppers & fresh dill

Stuff jars with cucumbers starting with large ones first and filling in with smaller as tight as possible

Pour boiling brine over stuffed jars and allow to sit for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes empty brine back into pot & bring back to rolling boil. Once boiling pour back into jars and put lids and rings on jars. Allow pickles to rest for 60 days and enjoy!

One recipe of brine should make 6 quarts of pickles.

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