Raspberry Vinegar

Raspberry Vinegar


Our raspberry vinegar is heartbreakingly delicious. This isn't a 'flavored' or 'infused' vinegar. This is vinegar made from 100% raspberries and not a drop of anything else. We suspect it is unlike anything you've ever tasted. All the qualities of a fresh raspberry are carried through to the tangy sweetness of the vinegar.

Our incredible raspberry wine is consumed only on very special occasions in the Johnson household, and if the resulting vinegar wasn't so amazing, we'd never be able to bring ourselves to pour it into the vinegar barrels. But after our first bowl of vanilla ice cream with raspberry vinegar drizzled on top, there was no turning back. We make this vinegar in very small batches, so it often sells out very quickly.

We highly recommend dribbling it over vanilla ice cream for a truly revolutionary dessert.

A very special vinegar, made in limited quantities.

Unfiltered. 4% acetic acid. 100ml Italian glass bottle with wood-topped cork closure.

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