Emilia balsamic vinegar

Emilia balsamic vinegar


Made in a traditional balsamic style, by reducing the must and going straight from juice to vinegar, Emilia has been generating rave reviews from the chefs who've sampled it. Named after George's daughter (and business co-conspirator) Emily, each bottle contains a precious amount of juice, time, and careful tending. The result has all the qualities that inspired us to attempt making our own vinegar in the first place: rich, complex, mellow, perfectly tart, incredibly sweet. You'll want to sip it as a digestif after a meal or take a daily dose of this precious elixir by the spoonful - Emily does! Elevates even the finest of foods. A few drops can enhance anything from steak to ice cream. Featuring letterpressed labels printed by Emilia herself.

A extraordinarily unique vinegar, available in extremely limited quantities.

Unfiltered. 4% acetic acid. 100ml bottle with cork closure, wax seal, and letterpressed label.

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