Temparia Vinegar

Temparia Vinegar


'Temparia' was the first new grape varietal release from Ed Swanson of Cuthills Vineyard in Pierce, Nebraska. Ed's Temparia wine has a very straight-forward Bing cherry nose when young, which turns to more bramble dark fruit as it ages. The vinegar has a similar cherry note, in addition to deeper, aged oak flavors. For being a single varietal vinegar, it has surprising complexity and richness, while still managing to feel fresh. A striking floral nose and a wisp of wild rose essence make this vinegar truly unique. Interesting enough to use as an appetizer of its own - drizzled with olive oil for bread dipping.

A very special red wine vinegar, made in limited quantities.

Unfiltered. 4% acetic acid. 100ml Italian glass bottle with wood-topped cork closure.

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